Welcome to Tradewinds Clubhouse!

Image of the a red brick building with golden letters on top saying "Tradewinds" in all capital letters. The window panes are decorated with pink, blue, and yellow hearts.

Open Sky's Clubhouses are communities dedicated to the rehabilitation of adults recovering from mental health conditions. They are members of the Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition, an organization comprising 36 clubhouses throughout the Commonwealth. Through a variety of meaningful and engaging tasks, members have the ability to develop, or refresh employment skills, explore educational opportunities, and participate in social activities.

Image of a white female with a gray sweater and brown hair in a ponytail. She is wearing a blue mask and is sitting in front of a green table. The table has an assortment of jewelry, decorations, and other crafts. Another person is on the left side leaning out of view.  A smiling white male with black, short hair, mustache, and beard. He is wearing a neon green shirt with black unreadable text. He is spinning blue cotton candy in a pink machine.  Three individuals (1 female, 2 male) chopping vegetables in a kitchen.   An individual with short black hair and wearing a blue uniform in a kitchen. Another person is in the background.